Meditation is the key to unlocking our full potential. Consistent meditation has many benefits such as stress/anxiety reduction, improved sleep, depression/addiction/eating disorder relief, inflammation relief, enhanced attention span/focus/memory, improved self-awareness and productivity, weight loss, and more! In addition to that, meditation elevates our capacity for positivity, joy, and kindness.

In the simplest terms, there are two types of meditation. The first is to focus on one’s internal world, and the second is on the external. Meditation can be guided or unguided. For example, we can meditate while sitting, lying down, standing, or walking. There are many different types of meditation within two main categories: focused and mindful. Focused meditation implies focusing on a specific object, sensation, place, or idea and increasing one’s focus moment to moment. Mindful meditation focuses on perceiving our environment with all five senses and observing any changes. The different meditation types can include: mindfulness, body scan, visualization, chakra, awareness, yoga (such as kundalini), qigong, vissipana, loving-kindness, compassion, zen, transcendental, insight, reflection, and sound meditation.

Depending on the type of meditation, we can meditate with our eyes open or closed. When we close our eyes, we turn our focus internally, making the conditions ideal for focusing on sensations without visual distractions. At this point, all our other senses kick into overdrive. When we meditate with our eyes open, we focus externally on a fixed point/object and focus on the present. Many find it easier to focus their thoughts/emotions solely on one object when attempting to focus. However, we can still use all of our senses, imagining what that object feels like, perceives, etc.

I encourage everyone to explore the vast world of meditation and take ownership of one’s well-being, vitality, and enlightenment.

If you would like more information or guidance on your meditation journey, contact me for more information.

Favorite Meditation tracks:

by Trypnaural

Smudging for Cleansing and Purifying

 Smudging is one of the most common and potent ways to cleanse the mind, body, spirit, or physical spaces. We cleanse to get rid of negative energies, emotions, habits, attachments, or entities. It’s a great ritual to perform daily or before/after events in order to raise vibrations and connect with the good energies of the universe. Smudging rituals have no restrictions or set rules. However, basic common-sense precautions should be observed:

-Be in a positive (compassionate and grateful) state of mind. Keep in mind that like attracts like and thoughts are energy. If you feel persistent negative thoughts, acknowledge them, send them love and move on. The more you resist a feeling or a thought, the stronger it will come back at you. Yes, I understand that everyone has problems and challenges in their life. Therefore, it is a lot more efficient to take ownership and face our current situations with integrity. The more we ignore problems (or blame others for our situations/feelings) the stronger the problems will become. We must learn to resolve these attachments with love and compassion. For more information, I invite you to read, “Thoughts become Things” on

-Focus and visualize your intent.

-Smudge in your personal or workspace. If you are sharing the space with someone, ask for permission first.

-Clean and organize your space.

-Always open a window and do not use smudge near infants, people with respiratory problems, or birds, as they can be sensitive to smoke.

-You may want to place sand at the bottom of your bowl to help contain the ashes (I like black sand for this purpose as the ashes blend in easily).

-Never leave burning sage unattended

-Safety is number one! As you smudge, hold a shell, bowl or dish to catch the falling (HOT) ashes.

-Perform before and after you host guests or parties.

What you will need:

-Choice or combination of white sage, cedar, Palo Santo, frankincense, sweetgrass, or your favorite incense.

-Wooden or cedar matches, white candle, coal (optional).

-Metal, iron, stone, or glass bowl container (for the ashes to fall) that you may fill with sand if you wish

Optional: feather to spread the smoke or you may use your hand

You can smudge to cleanse people, places, and objects. Smudging can also be used during meditation, readings, or healing work.

As you smudge and watch the smoke spread and visualize it chasing away any energies that are not beneficial to you. Tell these energies to leave through the open window. Similarly, rid your space of any emotions not serving your highest and best. Thank them for the lessons you learned in life as you acknowledge moving on. Visualize the divine light of LOVE💕 permeating your entire environment and filling every space and your entire being. Repeat a meaningful prayer as you walk through the entire space. I ask the divine to “Purify, cleanse and bless my home and make it a sacred space.” On any given day you can alter your prayers to fit your situation. To expand your soul space and connect with spirit, express love and gratitude daily. Utilize compassion for the situations that you still cannot forgive. Remember, we are all spiritual beings and hurt others (or ourselves) because we don’t know any better (“Forgive them because they know not what they do”). However, keep in mind that this ignorance is not an excuse but rather a doorway (opportunity) for you to gain compassion and ultimately free yourself of unnecessary energy overload. Below you will find my favorite prayers including the following by your’s truly 😍.

With my blessing…

Some other favorites:

“I cleanse myself of selfishness, anger, shame, guilt, resentment, critical thinking for my fellow beings, myself, and misinterpretations of my life experiences.

I bathe myself in generosity, appreciation, praise, compassion, kindness, gratitude for my fellow beings, self-acceptance, and enlightened understanding of my life experience.” 

~ Lidia Frederico


“Creator, Great Mystery

Source of all-knowing and comfort,

Cleanse this space of all negativity.

Open our pathways to peace and understanding.

Love and light fill each of us and our sacred space.

Our work here shall be beautiful and meaningful.

Banish all energies that would mean us harm.

Our eternal gratitude.”

– The Medicine Wheel Garden, E. Barrie Kavasch


A Smudging Prayer

“Into the smoke, I release all energies that no longer serve me, all negativity that surrounds me, and all fears that limit me. In the name of the Divine, so it is.”

   Feel free to customize your prayers so that it feels real and meaningful to you. I sometimes specify what I want to be rid of: all energies that are not mine, entities, fear, anxiety, ego etc… I ask to cleanse and purify my space and command those energies to leave in the name of the Divine.


April1, 2018

Miracle Making

I am changing my nature:

letting go of my negative temptations, selfishness, envy, anger, and self-pity.


My vessel expands as I am brace love and Light,

Creating more room for positive energy.

An opening in my soul, more space, as I accept the change is possible.

More Light and love as I feel the shift beginning to take hold.

I have created the space for a miracle.

-Yehuda Berg

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