About Protection… It’s Up to You.

Do you love crystals as much as I do? They are indeed a wonderful, sparkling addition to our energy world. 

We all have that friend, that can pull out a crystal for any occasion/problem and swear to it that all of your problems will soon be resolved. Or perhaps that friend is you? cont.

HOW TO LOVE… Love is in the air, so breathe

It was a beautiful morning. The newly-awakened sun was starting to radiate and light up the sky. I was taking a meditation stroll along the ocean coast. What a way to start the day! This pre-morning ritual became a form of my TLC. The waves massaged my feet and body. An empty beach is such a gift! I engrossed myself in my favorite grounding meditation, luxuriating in solitude. Suddenly, somebody grabbed me from behind, around the shoulders. I fell on the sand and raised my hands in anticipation of a further attack. Nothing could have prepared me for the unexpected! My...

Love and Relationships… Last Day On Earth

Love and Relationships… Last Day On Earth What do you think is the question I am asked the most? Yes… the LOVE question! We want love in our lives. The more of it, the better! Let’s face it, that’s what the divine energy is all about, love. Love is the purest of blessings. Yesterday, I was catching up with a friend of mine. He expressed his relationship worries. He felt his own fears and the partner pulling away. I knew right away, that I had to share with him two visualizations.

Let Your Inner Child Guide You

Then and Now As a child, whenever I woke up, I remember feeling excited about every upcoming day. The world was full of possibilities, wonder and great treasures. I was always filled with anticipation and wonder as to which treasure was going to unveil itself next. One day I woke up and realized that I … Continue reading Let Your Inner Child Guide You

Out of the Closet

Today I came out of the closet.  No, not the proverbial closet. I am very much straight and love men. On occasion, they can be a pain in the rear-end but every bit worth it. Men are wonderful. I am talking about a different closet… the spiritual closet.  For the most part, I kept my … Continue reading Out of the Closet

Join me for Wine and Spirits, 7 PM, June 28th, 2019. Please join Maria at DMO Studio. She will share with us what she does and open herself to receive and deliver messages from loved ones. WHEN: Friday, June 28th, 7pm to 8:30pmWHERE: DMO Fitness Studio, 24 Newark Pompton Turnpike, Ste 102, in Little Falls COST: $35 per person PLEASE contact Donna to register for … Continue reading Join me for Wine and Spirits, 7 PM, June 28th, 2019.

Group readings and development events

Group Development circle, June 20, 2018 TBA (EMAIL for more information) Group Class Mediumship developmentOnline 6 PM -6:40 EST Oct 19, 2018 TBA (EMAIL for more information) Nov. 12, 2018 7:00 PM Live Group Readings EPIPHANIE"S (contact Gloria for tickets) 215 E. Ridge Rd. RochesterNY 14621, Rochester, NY 585.270.8013 Group Development circle Nov. 1, 2018 TBA (EMAIL for … Continue reading Group readings and development events