HOW TO LOVE… Love is in the air, so breathe

It was a beautiful morning. The newly-awakened sun was starting to radiate and light up the sky. I was taking a meditation stroll along the ocean. What a way to start the day! This pre-morning ritual became a form of my TLC. The waves massaged my feet and body. An empty beach is such a gift!  I engrossed myself in my favorite grounding meditation, luxuriating in solitude.

Suddenly, somebody grabbed me from behind, around the shoulders. I fell on the sand and raised my hands in anticipation of a further attack. Nothing could have prepared me for the unexpected! My headphones yanked out. In front of me, was the happiest, most loving, joyful pair of eyes. Instantaneously, I felt love. I stood up and laughed once again feeling that same weight on my shoulders. Just above my eye-level, was the head of a huge dog. His soulful eyes were staring into mine. This huge (most charming) animal was standing on his hind legs with the front paws on my shoulders. He was taller than me. I hugged him and he started running around. Running after him, came the mortified owner.

“I’m very sorry! Is everything ok? He was just trying to play…”

I laughed seeing the guy’s embarrassed face.

“It’s ok. He’s a friendly sweetheart.”

“Yes, he normally plays with the other dogs but I started taking him out earlier, since people on the beach have a problem with big dogs. He’s bored. Now, I try to come here before there is a crowd, since he’s too big.”

I looked at the poor, lonely creature, so starved for affection that he would ambush an unsuspecting stranger from behind. What a wonderful soul, misjudged simply based on size. As I felt a wave of love and compassion, the oversized creature attempted to jump and lick me again.

This moment of affection was clear proof, that both people and animals respond to each other’s energy and emotions. 

The type of vibrations and emotions that we choose to radiate, will determine and make our future. The universe responds in kind. Today’s reality and relationships, are the direct manifestation of yesterday’s energetic vibrations. We make our future.

For the longest time, I thought of myself as a very emotional person. I wouldn’t get angry but could get upset and teary-eyed. This was the day, I started realizing that our emotions and feelings are not necessarily a reality but rather alert signs (messages from our higher-self). Our emotions are a gift and an alarm, that is set off by our higher-self and received by our human-mind. This alarm tells us when to pay attention and what to pay attention to. In essence, emotions are energetic messages, meant only in our best interest. This is why it’s wise to experience emotions fully (and not run away) but not necessarily act or dwell on them. These messages transmit not only between our higher self, guides and our mind but also between fellow humans and creatures. Every energetic vibration affects the universe. The universe is made up of energetic vibrations and so are we. This is why it’s important to choose the emotions that we wish to hang on to and cultivate. In this way we affect the world around us.

Simply, if you want to attract love and positivity, you have to feel it (create it within yourself) and nurture it. If instead, we feel fear and confusion, all sorts of bad things can happen, simply because fear attracts the lower energetic vibrations. These energetic vibrations eventually start forming our realities. Negative vibrations attract negativity, positive vibrations attract positivity. Love is the highest of vibrations. Positive emotions include: courage, gratitude, joy and anything that feels bubbly and effervescent. Negative emotions can manifest as: anger, guilt, shame or fear. We can pay attention to the emotion as a message but then we can choose to let go rather than to dwell in these energies. In this way we choose how we create our reality.

Sometimes it’s better to speak less and listen to the nurturing energies inside of us. These chosen energies are the building blocks of what we put out into the universe. We have to love ourselves, because self-love teaches us true compassion. Sometimes we get it “backwards” when our love for someone or an animal, actually models for us how to love ourselves. Regardless of how we go about it or what stage we are at, there is no right or wrong. Once we radiate love, the universe will respond in kind.

This basic encounter truly taught me a great deal! I have two take-aways: firstly, love will always attract more love, as long as we eradicate fear and nurture compassion. The universe is made of love and there is plenty to go around for everyone! You never know when you might meet a friend (even of the canine species)! Secondly, stay safe and never wear noise-isolating headphones when walking alone.

From those who don’t seek to be forgiven,

don’t run.

From those who seek to hurt before they’re hurt,

don’t walk away.

From all who bully,

don’t turn away.

For all those who are oblivious,

have compassion.

Separation is an illusion,

as we are all part of one divine energy. 

For to truly turn away, 

would mean to turn away from oneself.

Just be.

Send love from inside out.

Don’t judge

Don’t run.

Just be.



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