Happy New Year’s to our loved ones, here and in spirit!

We wish each other a happy New Year, we wish happiness to our families, old friends, loves and the new people that come into our lives. We are all, a part of each other. As we reflect with gratitude, a sense of peace overcomes us. In essence, we are wishing happiness to every person since they reflect a part of ourselves.

As I sit there feeling blessed, a necessity to acknowledge a presence nudges me.

A great, peaceful, new year to all the mothers out there. Particularly to those who miss their babies, the babies that remain in the spirit world. 

Today, I feel the desire to wish joy to my baby. To that special, sweet part of me, that is present but missing in a very intangible way. To that soul, who remains my teacher. To one of my guides, that shows me how to love myself every day.

I feel grateful to that soft, innocent, joyful presence that reminds me of a renewed hope, year after year. He is my proverbial Phoenix, that rebirths inside my consciousness every time I feel hope.

Joyful and peaceful New Year, to all the mothers and their families, whether they be present here or in spirit.

Happy New Year, G.



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