About Protection… It’s Up to You.

Do you love crystals as much as I do? They are indeed a wonderful, sparkling addition to our energy world. 

We all have that friend, that will pull out a crystal for any reason and swear to it, that all of your problems will soon dissipate. Perhaps, that friend is you? Do you find yourself acquiring entirely too many crystals, then complaining to high heaven whenever you move or re-decorate? Do you always look for protection rituals, patrons, incantations and angels for guidance?

While it’s great to have energetic reminders of heavenly support, it’s useful to remember that we make our own realities through thoughts and words. Accept that, which makes your world brighter but not that which reinforces fear. In other words, if all a crystal does is remind you of your problem, chuck it… or at least save it until such moment, that you are truly ready to face your challenges.

Below, are my three steps, crucial towards transforming energy into positivity and therefore protecting yourself. All it takes is will, intention and regular housekeeping.

  1. Accountability and integrity. Stop pointing at others as the cause of pain or disfunction in your life. You, and solely you, are responsible for the energies and people in your life. If you happen to have a family that you resent for guilting the crap out of you, stop for a second and think; is it really them or is it you? Your challenge is to figure out how to deal with guilt, shame, anger, fear or any other negative emotion without blaming others for how you feel. You were born to face your family’s challenge. Deal with it now and stop looking for reasons for why you are the way you are. Starting now, choose who you want to be. The guilt will stop once you figure out how to transform this energy into positivity. Are you up for this challenge or simply want to complain? Consider seeing negative emotions as a blessings that guide you towards a better you and a complete transformation of your environment.
  2. Keep your energy flowing and you will attract like. Do you remember that aggravating co-worker that always knows how to get under your skin? You may even get butterflies in your tummy every time you’re forced to deal with them. Before you head for the water closet, remember that all this, is happening because of you. Consider this, as the universe’s way of making you confront your discomforts. The question here is how that can make you into a better person and let you treat everyone with peace, kindness and compassion. Why does this co-worker get on your nerves? Does he/she remind you of a fear, shame or a perceived shortcoming? What part of you needs to “grow up” in order for that not to get to you? Remember, you are a child of G*d and therefore perfect just as you are.
  3. Enjoy and be grateful. Lastly, use crystals, wishes and intentions as a supplement to your already glowing energetic-self. The biggest energy that we fear is really inside everyone of us and waiting to be transformed. This energy is born of fear, guilt and shame. Embrace it with love and compassion towards yourself and others. Let all pain, guilt, anger, shame, fear guide and alert you to what in you needs care. Follow your heart and you’ll transform personal challenges and the worlds’ into a sparkling and effervescent positivity. Let your mind and heart co-exist in congruence, so that intuition and emotion become a tool for internal transformation.

…at least you won’t get buried under an avalanche of crystals and rocks.



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