Let Your Inner Child Guide You

Then and Now

As a child, whenever I woke up, I remember feeling excited about every upcoming day. The world was full of possibilities, wonder and great treasures. I was always filled with anticipation and wonder as to which treasure was going to unveil itself next.

One day I woke up and realized that I was an adult. I felt heavy and constricted. I woke up thinking about everything that I wanted, and still did not have. I woke up wondering if the day was long enough for me to get everything done. I woke up with apprehension whether or not the people in my life were going to approve of me or love me. I woke up inclined to worry and to carry the world’s weight on my shoulders. I nurtured my existential problems and questioned how to better myself in order to live life more fully. 

Do you see the problem? Do you see the heaviness that I subjected my soul to?

Choose no Limits and Surrender

Whenever we approach the day with childhood wander, the pure innocence and excitement raises our spirit and energy. We get excited about every day, person and possibility, as we inherently trust that a lot of good will come our way. We are ecstatic for every moment of life. After all, there’s so much happiness in the world so why shouldn’t it belong to us as well? Life is an adventure. 

It’s true that sometimes early in life adults might destroy a child’s wonder and safety, but I hope that every one of us can think back to conjure up one of those moments when we felt that purity and lightness of being. I hear so much about the need to nourish one’s inner-child. But what if we let that inner child nourish us? I suspect that my inner child has a lot more to give me then I have to give it.

This realization motivated my decision. Today was the day that I hired my new meditation teacher: my inner child. 

Every morning when I wake up, I take the time to meditate and feel my inner-child’s emotions and energy. All of the sudden my perception on life, my mood and sense of purpose is transformed. Do you want to try this with me? If you find yourself thinking or going over a problem/conflict in your head, don’t resist it or try to forgive. Let it go into the hands of your guides and simple say, “I don’t know how to forgive/move on/let go (etc.).” Surrender and trust that they will take care of it. They will. All you have to do is turn on your favorite meditation track, light a candle… whatever. I like silence because I don’t have to move around, wake up too much or get out of bed (I like my bed). Here’s how it works.


Upon waking, start breathing peacefully: in through your nose and out through the mouth. 

-Inhale the healing, loving, divine light of the universe and let it nourish your body, mind and spirit. Exhale everything that you don’t want and anything that doesn’t help you. Exhale any tensions, emotions or anything that’s not for your highest and best. If you notice any tension or discomforts in your body breathe into every single one of them. Nourish every discomfort, every tension with your life-giving breath and feel those melt away. 

-Get excited about the day ahead and be grateful that it will bring you health, vitality and limitless possibilities. Experience this moment with all the trust, innocence and wonder of a child.

-See the divine light of your soul emanate through your heart, as it grows larger and brighter until it fills not just your body, but the room and beyond. Feel your light expanding into the universe. All of the sudden you see the healing, loving, divine light of the universe as it comes forth to meet your light. The two melt together and are one. The loving light nurtures you and you feel loved, safe and at home.

-Luxuriate in this moment. 

-As you breathe, visualize those beautiful mornings when you were a child and you awoke feeling filled with the limitless possibilities of the world. Think back to those early toddler days, to those moments when you were so trusting and naturally joyful. 

-Try to re-capture the feeling of one of those moments. Feed this wondrous energy into your breath and start visualizing your day ahead filled with this energy, through the eyes of you, the child. Visualize every important activity to its fullest, life-giving potential and nurture it with your child’s wondrous, limitless energy and excitement. 

-Visualize every possible blessing that could come your way or result out of your actions. Visualize every possible happy outcome and grand possibilities. Feel this joyful energy and how it feels when these wonderful possibilities come to fruition. Feel ecstatic and breathe through your moments of pure happiness.

-The divine light, your child and you are one and that is our natural state of being. This is how we are meat to be.

-As you become more conscious of your breath you will start feeling your body more. Wiggle your toes/fingers and take a luxurious stretch (maybe even a yawn). Breathe the happiness that you are feeling into every joint and every muscle of your body. Smile.

-Cultivate this joy and allow it to stay with you throughout the day. Share it with others through a compliment or eye contact. Anytime you wish to replenish your wondrous energy simply recall the feeling and repeat your morning, luxurious stretch. Smile.

The child in me honors the child in you.



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