Empowering all to live out their dreams and connect with spirit… light and love💕

Ever since I was a child, I communicated with spirits. I remember one elegant lady, in a beautiful green gown, named Kama. She would always be there to calm me down whenever I was too scared to sleep in the dark. As long as I was a child, she would be there to guide and comfort me. The older I got, the more speaking with spirit seemed to become a taboo for those around me. Finally, I revolted because let’s face it: If I couldn’t be myself at __ years old (yes, it’s blank on purpose and you will have to guess) than how could I possibly enrich the lives of others? Finally, I decided to follow my soul’s path.

I am a clairvoyant, empathic medium and my goal and privilege is to witness your journey: to healing, love and blessings. I connect with guides, loved ones and Spirit for the highest and best of us all.

Blessings, love and light to all.


I love it when Spirit decides to join a photo shoot! I found this picture particularly moving since the green orb rested on her cheek, almost like a caress.

With my gratitude: Photo courtesy of David Warner Photography https://www.davidwarner.photos